Confidence in Summer Looks

I’ve never felt better about myself than I have this summer so far. I have picked several outfits that make me feel confident and happy in my own skin as everyone should. It has taken me years to feel this way, and even though I am not a size 0 it is completely okay. So here are my picks for my summer outfits. Feel free to leave a comment sharing your favorite outfit with others!Blue Dresscute dressThe perfect dress for summer can be found just about anywhere! I have found mine at H&M by Divided. This was a surprise find as I was traveling when I found it. Since it was on sale I couldn’t resist! What drew me in to this dress was the style and the blue and white Aztec pattern.  I have been trying to find more patterns to put into my wardrobe and thought this would be an easy one to wear. I like to dress this with a pair of classic white tennis shoes. Which I have found go well with anything from a plain t-shirt and jeans to dresses for a more casual look. The white shoes that I have are by Airwalk, I love them!

Fun and Fit

Who needs a tank top to wear all year long? The answer is you do! I think I got this top during the winter time. It’s perfect to wear under sweaters, but as it has been 100 degrees recently I have been wearing it alone. I struggle to find tank tops that I do not fall out of but this one is exactly what I wanted.

Another long time to find item in my wardrobe would be these brown sandals. Which I have been trying to find for over a year.These came from the Shoe Department by a brand called Report. Ever since that day I have been pairing them with everything from dresses to causal outfits. I love the straps and that they look like a pair from Ancient Greece brand a few year ago. Which was the reason I was looking for brown sandals in the first place. They are also so comfortable to wear!

Torrid Shorts 2Torrid Shorts

These shorts though! I being the true shop-alcoholic that I am went to the mall in search of something that I don’t remember now and found these shorts. They are from Torrid’s own brand. My favorite part is the lace on the legs, I also like that I wear a size 0 in Torrid’s clothes. Which is a plus size brand. Torrid is designed to give plus size women an opportunity to wear cute outfits that would normally be offered to someone of a smaller size. I can’t tell you how much I love this brand! I highly suggest you check it out. These shorts are also very light for those very hot days.

I wore this white lace top by Merona with a pair of jean shorts and brown sandals listed above to a Chainsmokers concert at the start of this summer. That night I had so much fun and I was completely comfortable! This shirt is so breathable and easy to move in. I don’t know where you could get it but if you leave a comment I will look for one that is similar.

I hope you have enjoyed this post! Leave a comment!

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