Things I’ve Learned from 2017

  1. Walk Away

It’s okay to walk away. Sometimes it’s for the best. Break ups suck and I think everyone can agree on that. This relationship that I am talking about caused me so much pain emotionally and mentally. I couldn’t eat or sleep and I had a knot in my stomach for months. Since I know what staying in an uncomfortable relationship or any situation feel like I can honestly say to you… walk away! Get out, run for your life, trust me you’ll be thanking me later. It’s going to hurt no doubt but after you pick yourself back up you’ll feel so much better.

2. Try New Things

Get out of your comfort zone! This year I got a helix piercing (I’m terrified of needles). It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, although it takes forever to heal. I also tried yoga! Let me tell you I am obsessed with it now. I always feel so much better after going into the studio for a good work out. I met new people which is a big deal for me! I don’t do people well, I’m very awkaward. I hope to meet more in 2018 and get further out of my comfort zone.

3. Sometimes you just need your best friend!

I have a few people I call best friends. Each one is there for me in their own way. Life is never simple but sometime you just need someone outside of the situation to get advice from. And sometimes you just need a hug!

4. Stay focused on your goals

I know it’s hard being busy all the time. Life happens and sometimes plans change. But at least if you have goals then you will be able to keep an end goal in mind.

5. Take Care of yourself

Nothing is worth your well being. Don’t let grades or other people get in the way of how you decide to care for yourself. I personally do not believe that finals are worth losing sleep over. This is my thought because I know if I change my sleep pattern then I will be miserable with a migraine. Know your body and don’t over do it. If your not feeling 100% then you will not be giving 100%.


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