What’s New?

Hi, Hello, What’s up?

So a lot has been happening in 2018 that has kept me away from up loading here. And honestly I miss it. So here is a quick update on some things I have been up to for the first two months of the year!

First, for the month of January I did an internship though an organization in my home town. I meet tons of new people and heard some amazing stories. It honestly renewed my energy and excitement about my life in general. I’m twenty one years old, which means I am still young and have a lot of life left to live. A lot of exciting things can happen any day. Also during January I was working seven days a week at least ten hours a day, and some how maintained going to the gym, having a social life, and slept!

Second, I’ve actually been hitting the gym with my personal trainer. With personal trainer being said she’s actually my best friend that just so happens to have a degree in Athletic Training. She is great at coming up with workouts and making sure I am doing things correctly so I don’t hurt myself. Going to the gym has made me 10X more confident and I feel really good about myself!

unnamed (1)

Third, I’m literally obsessed with snapchat. I use it everyday and the filters with the glasses are my favorite. You can follow me on snapchat @heyvicky21.unnamed (2)

Lastly I have been hanging out with Daisy! If you don’t know, I have a two year old Pit Bull. She is my heart, nothing makes me smile more than her goofy face. You can follow her and her daycare adventures @daily_dais. The second picture is her with one of her best friends, playing tug of war with a ball.
unnamed (4)unnamed

This picture is just so pure, so just enjoy it!
unnamed (5)

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