I am addicted to Instagram and I use it a lot more than I actually should probably admit. Here are the my top Instagram accounts that I follow!

@catiecurrandesigns I love looking at jewelry and accessories. Catie really shows this in her designs. She has her own etsy shop and is currently making items for her own wedding. I am very much looking forward to seeing all of the items she has come up with!Curran

@daily_dais This is Daisy’s Instagram and this is where I share my obsession with my own dog. She is extremely cute and my best friend. Also she goes to daycare at least once a week so this is where I keep pictures of her and her doggie friends!

  1. Daisy@jonathanjoly along with @annasaccone, his wife, blog their life with three children and one on the way. I just love seeing what they are up to and I think in their videos and other social media accounts show how much they love their children and try and teach them correctly.Joly@blakelively need I say more? Lively@wearethemurrys This family has five children and they are choosing to raise their family in North Carolina where I am from so I have to support them! Plus their little girls are extremely adorable and always getting into mischief.Murray's@Niomismart Beautiful women with such a kind and genuine happiness to her. I love her post about working out and she helps to keep me motivated to keep up with my goals by posting about traveling or gym work outs!Smart@tanyaburr Tanya Burr is a Youtuber, Actress, and Blogger. She encourages women to go against what society says they should be. She also has her own makeup line which I think is super cool.Tanya@Zoella If you haven’t seen her Blog or her Youtube channel. She is absolutely amazing. She makes me smile every time I see that she has posted anything. She has a makeup and lifestyle brands and just in general rocks being a girl boss. Zoella

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