Snow Day!

Today in North Carolina, we had our third snow day of the season! This hasn’t happened for as long as I can remember, normal it’s a one and done deal here. But one thing is for certain when it snows the next few days will be very warm in comparison. It’s weird but that’s North Carolina for you.

Today I made Chicken Pot Pie, a simple recipe that I just kind of threw together. We also watched Nailed It on Netflix. I think this show has a cozy feature because it’s baking but I find the contestants are so bad that it’s funny.

Since I decided to not go out in this snow please enjoy these pictures of my girls in our last snow which was so much prettier than the one we had today.


3 thoughts on “Snow Day!

  1. Your babies are too cute! I’m here in Raleigh and it’s gorgeous, however I don’t know about work tomorrow. Yum, a chicken pot pie sounds delicious. I made a pot of homemade soup this afternoon.


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