Pit Bulls Oh My!

Owning a Pit Bull in today’s world can be challenging. They are outcast, said to be the most vicious dog around. I want to share some stories of how I’ve felt prejudice towards Daisy while we have been out doing dog things.

One time at the dog park, a random stranger came over to me and just started talking. At some point Daisy came over just to lay down by me (she had been play for sometime and was getting tired). All of the sudden the stranger started telling me how awful pit bulls are and how they attack everything in sight. She looked to my feet and asked what kind of dog Daisy was, which made me very smug. So I responded she’s a pit bull and she’s not attacking anything now is she?

Daisy is very socialized with other dogs and takes a lot of outings with me. She’s use to people and other animals. It’s always a good idea to start socializing your puppy early!

Another day Daisy and I were on a walking trail heading back to our car. When we came across a women with a small white dog on a retractable leash. Knowing most people don’t normally lock their leashes, to allow the dog more free range, I took Daisy behind a park directory in the mud to allow a safe distance between the two dogs. And just as we where going around the small dog started growling and trying to get at Daisy. Daisy did raise her hair and stiffen but nothing else. But the lady said I need to get my pit bull out of there. I could have said so much to her but I hold my tongue in these situations most of the time.

The key to this story is be aware in general. Not every dog is a good dog and not all dogs like each other. If you have young children teach them to read dog language, don’t let them run up to random dogs. If you don’t know dog body language check into it, it’s very interesting (maybe just to me).

Another story just because she was absolutely perfect during this trip out. We went to a local pet shop to pick up a new toy for Daisy and get some cat food. This may have been a month or so after I found her. So I had a 20 pound bag of cat food a dog toy, a dog leash, and a dog toy in my hands. Instead of being up, greeting everyone, and sniffing everything Daisy just laid next to my feet.

I have so many proud dog mom moments. I’m very lucky to have a dog that behaves in public and doesn’t make me hate taking her out. But on the other hand people see a pit bull and because of media they are instantly assuming it’s a vicious killer dog. That’s not always the case.

The small dog in the last video is just a small version of the husky in the picture above it. She is one of Daisy’s best friends and they still play regularly. The last picture is just to cute not to share. It’s not Daisy but one of the boys I work with.

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