My Crazy Weekend

This weekend was planned to be super chill, fun, and relaxed. But somethings just don’t go to plan.

Let’s start with Friday night, I went out with some friends. All of the people who where of age to drink ordered one. After the waitress handed me mine she dropped the whole tray (about 5 other drinks) onto my back.

Skip forward a few hours later when I’m driving home (still smelling of alcohol). I am going over a bridge when I noticed my car starting to jerk. Next thing I know I’m sitting on the side of the interstate. Needless to say I was scared half to death as this had never happened to me before.

And I’m insanely grateful that I have parents that will come save me when I call. It was probably eleven o clock at night and they where there in ten minutes flat. My poor tire was shredded to pieces.

Saturday, was a really fun day! My mom and I took a trip to Rock Hill, South Carolina for a Bridal Shower! I have never been to one before but I had such a great time. I can’t wait to welcome the Bride to be into our family! I also really enjoyed spending time with the women in my family. It’s always good to get away from everyday life!i

I also thought I would throw in a few outfits that I wore on this trip!

The first is just a Burgundy Swing Dress. I got this piece at Ross. The second outfit is a pair of Levi skinny jeans, and floral sheer tank with some lace details near the back. I got this top from Stitch Fix and to be honest this is the only thing I kept from the box I got.


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