A little About Me

As none of you know me so far let me introduce myself. My name is Victoria! I’m currently a student studying psychology. I also have a part time job working with dogs that I love so much. For my job, it’s all about getting dirty and not having to really do much to my appearance (dogs will love you no matter what you look like). As I have been working a lot recently I have been wanting to voice my love for makeup and fashion more than in the past. I used to get asked by strangers all the time what makeup I had on or what skin care I was using. To be honest I love getting those questions because I love talking about makeup and skin care.

More recently then makeup I have fallen for fashion and putting together outfits that I already have in my wardrobe or buying pieces that I can use with the rest of my wardrobe. I believe you will be more confident if you love the outfit you are wearing. If you’re comfortable in the outfit you are wearing then you will never want to take it off. I used to think a dress has to go with heels or sandals but I recently decided that one of my skater style dresses looks great with a classic pair of white vans. I’m very glad I found this look because it’s perfect for everyday!

On this blog, I also want to show my adventures that I am going on and hopefully make some suggestions that you might want to try in the future. Not every adventure will be some place that you can go but sometimes somewhere I feel has taken me a journey to get to.

I hope you enjoy reading! Make sure you follow me on all social media websites to keep up to date with the most recent posts!

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